The Fountain ICS is an independent school, situated in Christian Center De Cederborg. The Fountain is a unique private school for small-scale, Christian primary and secondary education. The language of instruction is English. In addition, Dutch, as a subject, is taught in the Dutch language.

Character Education

Our curriculum is of a high academic standard. But the curriculum is also character-building. The incarnate Son of God, Jesus Christ, is central. Our desire is that each student develops a personal relationship with God, as well as a character modeled after the Savior. In addition, we encourage our students to take an edifying and serving role, each in their own capacity.

Personal and Engaged

The educational system is individualized. Students work independently, at their own pace and level. The small scale of the school guarantees ample personal attention.

The involvement of parents/caregivers is high, thus keeping the lines of communication short. Each student receives the guidance needed for developing their personality, carrying responsibility, serving others and building character.


The Fountain ICS is accredited by the International Certificate of Christian Education (ICCE), based in the United Kingdom. The school is recognized in the Netherlands, by the Ministry of Education, as a primary and secondary school. Parents/caregivers who enroll their child at The Fountain, therefore adhere to education laws in the Netherlands.

The school is under the supervision of ICCE. The school adheres to Dutch education laws, regarding Dutch as a subject for students with a Dutch nationality.


The Fountain ICS is a private school and is not funded by the government. Funding is received through school fees (set parental contribution) and private donations. This requires extra sacrifices made by parents/caregivers. Enrolling your kid(s) at The Fountain ICS is a conscious choice.

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